Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I survived the Glucose Test and #WIAW

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day.  I was officially set to take my glucose test.  This was something I was dreading for months.  One you have to get your blood drawn; this is never something I look forward to having done. Two large quantities of sugar make me feel miserable. I was expecting the worst. 

My doctor suggested a protein breakfast to help curb the sugar effects.  My two eggs took about 30 minutes for me to eat. I have a love/hate relationship with eggs. Yesterday I hated eggs.  Well, the test was pretty miserable but I survived. The time lunch rolled around I was feeling much more like myself. 

I was in Boston on Monday till late and picked up dinner on the way home. I had the second helping for lunch. A chicken Cesar salad and some mac and cheese. I think I have consumed more mac and cheese in the last few months than I have in my entire other 30 years. 

My afternoon snack came a bit later than normal and I quickly scarfed down my yogurt and granola. The rest of the homemade granola is gone. Making more is on tap for this weekend. 

Other snacks for the day included a pre dinner munching of raspberries. I have gotten the best raspberries lately at the store. And they haven't been expensive.  Crazy for December. 

I go every where with saltines nowadays. They saved me after my test.  

Dinner was leftover chicken stir fry from the weekend. Mr. J was coming home from a trip and got Chinese take out. I convinced him to share some of his egg drop soup.  

What did you eat Wednesday?  Have you taken the Glucose Test?


  1. I had my glucose test last Friday and just barely passed. But I had to fast from midnight til when I took it. I finally got to eat at 11am and I was starved!

  2. Glad you survived! Ugh that test sounds horrible

  3. Congrats on passing and surviving the blood glucose test. I remember dreading it, too!

  4. Yay... it's not always fun being pregnant with all the tests and poking and prodding. But it's all worth it. I'm glad you passed. :)


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