Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nesting and #WIAW

The last few weeks have been a dozy. I do best when both my feet are firmly planted on the ground. Unfortunately I had work trips planned months ago during a time when I was unaware of what was to come. Motion sickness is a very bad thing when you travel.  I had two flights two weeks in a row. Let's just say it did not go over well.  Come 24 hours later, I start to feel better but that pretty much is half the week when you take to flights.   

Luckily this week I was able to cancel my trip and I am not planning on doing any more travel till this little baby is born.

Not feeling well has lead me to really watch what I have been eating.  When I am not doing great I try to eat but crackers are about all I can handle. Once I feel better though I am able to handle a lot more. Not that I get too daring. Yesterday I woke up early and was hungry. Hello cereal at 5 am. 

My second breakfast came around 7:30 with a green smoothie. I have been adding more PB each more to make sure I get my protein in.  And yes, that is my belly sticking out over the counter.  Bumping into things with my belly is now the story of my life. 

Another snack came around 11 am with an apple. 

Followed by a 12:30 lunch of leftover frozen pizza. My second serving of greens for the day. I am counting this as a win.

Mr. J was out and I opted for an easy frozen mac and cheese dish. I think I eat mac and cheese most days of the week. With the exception of my green smoothie I think I eat like a two year old. Spicy food is completely out of the picture.  

I am wondering once my body realizes I am not traveling any more if I will be able to add a bit more variety to my diet. 

What is your favorite frozen meal?  What did you eat Wednesday?


  1. I am pretty sure I could eat mac and cheese every single day.

  2. I love EVOL's frozen burritos- they're pretty healthy and really delicious! Oh my word, I could eat mac 'n' cheese every single day for sure!

  3. I've been having the same problem with my stomach. I swear if there were balloons around I'd probably pop each one. Hahah!

  4. I could eat pizza every day!! #WIAW

  5. Boooo to traveling and upset stomach!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad you're done traveling while pregnant! I love seeing your growing belly :)


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