Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Food Matters: You are what you eat

Today was interesting to say the least.  I had a restless night's sleep and slept all the way to the alarm which almost never happens.  Basically I was a bit behind schedule all day.  As the day went on I thought about all of the possible topics I could post about.  There were recipes, lists, and random statements.  Who am I to deprive you of all of the crazy thoughts going through my head.  Thus, here is a little piece of everything. 

1. My husband is strange.  This morning started with him trying to convince me to buy a mega jackpot lottery ticket which is up for some $300M by saying "I would be a hold lot more inclined to have kids sooner if we won that money."  He then forced me to the gym after work.  We only took one car and he was driving basically he pulled in to the parking lot and I had to get out.   Finally at dinner the one part of the meal I was responsible for he didn't trust my seasoning skills.  He then added more salt and oil.  Making some very salty Kale chips.  What a man!

2.  Kale chips
bunch of Kale
olive oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Rise and cut the Kale into small pieces.  Take off the thick stem.  Put on parchment lined cookie sheet.  Season with salt, pepper, and then drizzle with olive oil.  Bake for 10-15 minutes.  Enjoy!

3. Dinner was great.  Crock pot chicken, garlic mash potatoes and kale chips.  Everyone at work is sick.  I am in "don't get sick" mode.  This means daily vitamins, exercise, lots of hand washing and eating fruits and veggies. 

4. In the midst of the movie marathon last weekend I watched an interesting documentary called Food Matters.  It was a bit dramatic as all documentaries are but the basic point was how what you eat affects your health.  Food does matter and you ARE what you eat.

You need to have certain vitamins and nutrients EVERY day to stay healthy.  Think about that when you are deciding your next meal.

5. The New Year's resolution crowd is really annoying me at the gym.  Too many people, too much sweat, and people have no idea how big my bubble is.    

Off to pack for my trip tomorrow!  Happy Tuesday.  Can it really only be Tuesday?

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  1. You left out a key ingredient to the kale chips recipe: more salt!


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