Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good Bye again

Arg!  I have to go away again.  Lucky for me after this trip there are not too many more in the rest of January.  I guess I am getting them out of the way early.  I wish I had fun things to share with you about this weekend.  Really it was just kind of boring, normal, and snowy. 

Schools across Connecticut were canceled on Friday in anticipation of a huge snow storm heading our way.  The smart schools just had an early dismissal.  Well the snow didn't come till 4pm so all I can say is I wish I was still in school and could have gotten a vacation day. 

When the snow did come it was pretty heavy.  People don't seem to have the appropriate cars and our 5 minute commute home turned into 20. 

Since I was gone for the middle of the week dinner was a bit weak: chicken sausage, roasted Brussels sprouts, and wild rice. It was actually really good and warm and filling, perfect for a snowy night.  The plate just was not that attractive. 

Come Saturday morning the outside looked like this. 

This was no Maine snow storm but it did put a hinder in getting around till about 9:30am. Thus, my weekend started off behind schedule.  I didn't accomplish all that much besides a few must chores, grocery shopping and then some movie watching.  Sorry for such a lame post.  Hopefully once I am back from trip fun new recipes will come.

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