Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whine or wine

This weekend I just wasn't into blogging.  I was bummed about going on another work trip, I was bummed that it snowed again, and just overall I had too much to do for the amount of time available.  It is not how I wanted to start or end a weekend.  So instead I opened some wine....

These are two of the most recent bottles of wine Jordan and I have tried.  They were a bit on the expensive side for our normal rule of let's see what is around $10.  After these wines though I feel like we are majorly missing out by our little rule. 

They are delicious and the Decoy smells so great I could just have a glass in front of me all night for the aroma.  Maybe they are for "special" occasions but they sure made Friday night dinner a whole lot better.

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