Sunday, January 16, 2011


This weekend was not as expected.  I came home mid-week to a snow storm.  Then Jordan got sick.  The bedroom was torn apart in order to make room for the new bedroom set delivery.  It was busy.  I guess I should really say this week was not as expected.  This weekend was spent re-adjusting our lives.  Jordan slept and watched TV a lot.  I love the bedroom set.  I stayed away since Jordan spent much of his sick time in there but I cannot wait to finish the room.

 We got two night stands, the bed, and a dresser.  I think we might need another dresser.


I managed to get in two really good workouts.  Tomorrow I am starting a training schedule to help me "amp" up my running.  I have no problem going to the gym everyday.  It is part of my routine and I enjoy it.  However, once I am at the gym I kind of slack off.  Don't get me wrong I actually do workout but in terms of really pushing the limits, not so much.  For instance the other day I want to run on a treadmill.  About 6 minutes in I accidentally hit the emergency stop button.  How you ever done this?  I find it so annoying, once you hit it there is no going back and you have to reprogram the whole thing.  Well this particular evening that was enough to throw me off.  No more running this night.  Anyway, my best running times have been when I have had a training schedule.  The little sheet tells you what to do on what day.  Plus I get to cross off each workout as I complete them.  I love it.  Thus, in 8 weeks I will be able to run a 10K. 

I did a bit of baking to amuse my bored self.  A new chocolate chip cookie recipe is soon to come.  It is SO GOOD!  I made some homemade bread.  This was not nearly as good as the chocolate chip cookies.  

The goal this weekend was to be all organized.  I have big plans next weekend and I want everything nice and neat so I don't have to worry about it.

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