Thursday, January 27, 2011

My husband

What my husband eats without me?

Jordan went to Pittsburgh earlier this week.  He ventured out for dinner to find Primanti Brothers Restaurant, a Pittsburgh sandwich establishment.  You can visit their website here.

They have been seen on various TV programs on the Food Network and the Travel Channel.  Basically the idea behind there sandwiches is to get a full meal within the sandwich.  This includes adding French fries and coleslaw as sandwich toppings.  Jordan decided that even with the extra French fries and cole slaw he needed a double meat portion - Corn beef and Pastrami to be exact.

I guess he thought that wouldn't be enough because he also got an additional side of French fries with chili, bacon, sour cream and cheese.  Doesn't that sound healthy?

All of this for only $13.  I bet they throw in a heart attack for free.  Due to the Pitt vs. Notre Dame game the street was packed with cars and my dear husband decided it was worth parking illegal for this quick grab and go sandwich call. 

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