Monday, January 24, 2011

A tardy weekend update

Its freezing out. I think I am allergic to cold weather.  When I go outside and breathe in the bitterly cold air, I start to cough.  Thus, this cold weather is no good. 

Last week was very tiring, with lots of long days.  When Saturday finally rolled around I had little ambition to do anything.  Jordan and I basically sat around and did nothing.  We actually did quite a bit with the spare bedroom -getting a new bedroom set meant moving the old bed to the other room.  Jordan was sick last weekend so basically lots of bed pieces and random mattresses were all over the apartment.  It was very difficult to get around so I put my foot down as this is the one thing we must accomplish.

I made a new friend though...

This book was picked up from the local library Saturday morning and was finished by Sunday morning. 

I also started a new running training program to help with the "amp up running" resolution.

This is a somewhat simple 8 week program that by the end will let me run a 10K.  Unfortunately I was off to a bad start last week. Is it bad that I did Tuesday's run on Monday and then didn't do anything else till Saturday and Sunday?  Hopefully this week will align a bit more with the actual schedule. 

Finally, I might have fallen in love.  I think it is OK though cause Jordan introduced us.

A little garlic, butter, and fresh Italian bread.
 Then some cheese...
 Yum, Yum, Yum!
Here's to Monday!

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