Friday, March 7, 2014

Jaleo and Washington DC

Since I have been a slacker all week with the whole blogging thing we need to go back in time a bit. Monday DC was hit was a snow storm. This is not what I was expecting the first week in March in Virginia.  Much to my dismay the snow came in droves leaving about 6 inches on the ground. My brother got the day off but I just wanted to get out.

I had great plans to meet up with my BFF from college. She had made reservations at a swanky downtown restaurant for lunch. Sunday night we vowed to make it out no matter what mother nature threw down or how the city reacted. DC does not do well in snow.

By 10am our reservations had been canceled but we were still set to meet up.  We headed out in the snow. Although we packed for the cold, I wasn't as prepared for the snow. Thank goodness my sister in law and I have the same size feet. I borrowed her boots.

We ended up at one of the few restaurants opened, Jaleo. Not that this was second best by any means. Jaleo is one of the Jose Andres restaurants in DC. He makes some marvelous creations. Jaleo was packed full of delicious tapas.

As you can see from the photos we had quite a feast.  There were sweets, savory and spicy dishes.  Some recommended, some we choose.

There were a few cocktails thrown into the mix as well. Mr. J and my BFF were more adventurous with their drinks. I had red wine. Snow days mean everyone is on vacation.

About half way through our feast my BFF noticed Jose Andres, himself walk in. He sat at the bar and we gawked. Or at least I gawked. I have gone to many famous chef's restaurants and never have I seen the actual chef. He was clearly there on business and met with several staff while sample some food and drinks.

Seeing him there pretty much made a great day even better. We were debated about going over to talk to him but never got to it before he left. I get some star struck and embarrassed. In the end we decided we were just too cool.

To end we got three desserts. After so much food and drink we decided there was no need to hold back with the sweets. 

Chocolate flan and brioche ice cream, apple charlotte with vanilla ice cream and hazelnut cake.

This ended up being one of the best meals I have had in a long time with the company and food.

480 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

t. 202-628-7949


  1. THOSE. DESSERTS!!! They look like heaven!!

  2. What a fantastic meal.... I would have totally chickened out and stayed indoors with snow like that, but you got such a great meal... it was worth the snow. :)

  3. Sounds like a great way to weather through a snow storm. Delicious bites!


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