Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Edition: Life goes on...

I really think life would be better with three day weekends every week. Of course if that were to ever come true I would probably just up it and want four day weekends. But seriously, how do they go by so quickly.

Friday was a long day at work.I was just ready for the day to be done because Mr. J and I had a date planned at a local restaurant, Whitfield's on the Green. It is our favorite. Before the move it was like 2 minutes away, now it is more like 10 minutes and you have to get on the highway.  The drive seems so far but totally worth it. We started with this amazing tuna tartare. It was a special and I called it as the dish was brought to someone at the bar before we were seated.

Saturday I spent most of the day priming two rooms - the dining room and the guest bedroom.  Primer stinks big time. I think I killed several brain cells with this task and I questions Mr. J's intentions as he had me handle this project. We haven't primed the other walls but the dining room had the major wall paper glue and the guest bedroom had dark two toned walls. Hopefully we are done with the priming and our walls will turn out beautiful once painted.

Today was all about relaxing...almost. I started off with hot chocolate and this egg sandwich made by my husband. I am not sure if he felt guilty over the priming or he was sweetening me up for his project later. See about 10am I heard some awful racquet in the basement followed by the table saw. Apparently he decided today was the day to rip out some old storage shelves and build himself a work bench. Now this is really his space and I could care less about what happens in the basement but a bit of advanced warning would be nice. Arg! I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out nicely.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

In case you missed it this is what I was up to this week:

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