Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a big weekend: NYC Food and Wine Festival

Saturday I went into the city to attend some events at the NYC food and wine festival. This is only the second annual festival. I missed out last year since tickets tend to sell out fast. They were gone shortly after being posted online. Basically everything was sold out the time I got to looking. This year I was on top of things to a certain extent. I learned about the tickets being for sale two days after being posted. I lot of the top shows/events were going fast or sold out already but I still managed to score tickets to the Grand tasting event and an interview with Giada Di Laurentis.

However, being gone all day yesterday means today was spent running all of the weekend errands. It also means I am exhausted and don't have a lot in me to blog. However, since August I have been waiting for October 10th to come around so I could finally attend the NYC food and wine festival. I am not a very patient person when I am excited for something to come and having to wait 3 months after buying tickets to actually enjoy my purchase is quite a hardship for me.

I have a lot to say but will start with the basics first. This whole she-bang was presented by the Food Network. Many of the events were held in and around Chelsea Market where the studios for the Food Network are housed. Anyway all of the events were teaming with celebrity chefs.

I got to see the man from Japan that is on Iron Chef. There was a mini competition at the Grand Tasting. I also ran into Ellie Krieger and the newest Next Food Network star Melissa Diarabian. I somehow walked right past Tyler Florence and didn't notice until Jordan brought it to my attention. I kind of wanted a picture of his butt but thought it might be somewhat inappropriate. I do get a bit star-struck at times.
My next two posts will be more about the tasting and interview. It was a great time!

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  1. So... I may be a little bit jealous that I didn't go with you... perhaps next year! - Laura


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