Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall equals apples

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp cool air, the changing the of the leaves, and the opportunity to have the oven on without dying of heat. Its tradition in my family to go to the apple orchards every year. Each place I have lived we have seemed to locate one really go orchard to stake out. In Maine it has been Wallingford Orchards. I do live in New York now but happening to be visiting Maine this week. Thus, it would be be fall without a trip to the apple orchard.

No picking would be had on this day as old mother nature decided to hover a very slow moving storm over New England. However, Wallingford has a cute little barn filled with apples and homemade bake goods.

I cannot stress how enjoyable apple orchards are in the fall. Who doesn't love fresh apple cider? Apples are a great snack and can even be made into a meal. Pair apples with sharp cheddar cheese for a light but healthy lunch or cook off some apple sauce and have with a pork roast. My favorite apples right now are Honey Crisp. They are quite sweet and juicy, similar to Fuji. For baking I love to mix and match sweet and sour apple varieties, all of which can be found at a orchard. So here is to fall...

I do find it a bit strange that I manage to go in and out of there with no pictures of the actual apples.

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