Friday, October 9, 2009

A little bubbly

I am going take the risk of sounding too much like a snob and say that one of the best ways to celebrate is with champagne. And I am not talking about the bottle of Korbel's you find at the local grocery store. If you are going to go to the point of picking champagne as your drink of choice then you better pay up. There is a certain level of expense that needs to go into getting a bottle of champagne.

There are a variety of champagnes that I consider superb deals and won't break the bank either. Moet Chandon (white star label) is a favorite, as is Veuve Clicgnot (I lovingly refer to this as the orange label). Mumm also offers a good champagne. These bottles can range from $35-$45. The taste is amazing. You will one immediately tell the difference from some cheap grocery store bottle and two you will never be able to go back to the ordinary Korbel. Unless of course you are making mimosa, then by all means use the cheap stuff.

If you have something to celebrate go out and get a bottle of one of these champagnes and some strawberries. It is such a trip. It is a nice change of pace from going out to eat or giving a gift; it lets someone know they are special.

Now, my next feat is going to go to the champagnes of all champagnes - I am still waiting for my Dom Perignon.

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