Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pure decadence

I had to get my extravagant birthday notions from someone. For me, it was my mother. Thus this being the first time I have seen my parents since my birthday it was only a matter of time before she whipped up a mini celebration.

I am a big fan of supporting small local bakeries. Baking is a hard business to make a profit in so any patronage is greatly appreciated. However, the cake above was purchased from Whole Foods. Now despite recent anger with some of their business practices, I believe Whole Foods is a far better business than most. Who could resist that chocolaty goodness? This is the 6 inch chocolate ganache cake. The point of this blog is to say, just because it is a big show grocery store does not mean they cannot produce high quality, real ingredient products. So if you are in a bind, do not fret.

The other point is that simple can be better. The trend for cakes these days is to to go above and beyond. Theme flavors and candy bar mimicking cakes can be delicious but you can only be inundated with so many flavors at once. Don't be suckered into the extremes, pick one filling and a complimentary frosting and be done.

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