Monday, October 12, 2009

Times Talks: Giada Di Laurentis

Unfortunately this was the best picture I could get. Earlier in the day I was at the tent for booking signings and there was Giada. At this point there was only about 10 minutes more for her to sign books and the line was about 100 people long. There was no way I was going to be able to meet and greet her.

My thought process was that at the interview studio she would stick around and chat with fans. Boy was I wrong, not that she was not gracious and didn't want to be overcome with overzealous fans but the Times people would allow none of it. No pictures, and no hugging. She was came in talked, answered a few questions and out she went.

This was a 45 minute conversation between Giada and Pete Wells. Pete Wells is an acclaimed writer for the NY times and has won many awards for his food pieces and editorials. He is however not known for his live interview skills. Lets just say it was a bit of an awkward interaction between the two.

There was the normal food questions of: how did you get started, who inspired you and what is your favorite food?

Her favorite kitchen gadget of the moment are the different size graters or Microplanes. She is not a lecturer and does not plan on entering the political arena for sustainability of food and agriculture. Her solution is to eat a variety of foods not only for your health but the health of the plant. She is no Jamie Oliver.

Some parts were cute, some were interesting, and some were not so great. Giada is much smaller than she looks on TV and was quite fashionable for this interview. Let's just say the jewelry and the heals would have gotten in the way of the cooking.

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