Monday, August 2, 2010

Maine bound

Sometimes I think of what I am going to blog well in advance of me actually blogging. The original thought was I would have a nice greeting of good morning! But oh look at the time and the day is 1/2 over. Jordan had a good friend from college getting married this past weekend and we went up for the wedding in Rangely, Maine. Conveniently we got some of our wedding planning done as well. The big marriage license was filled out and paid for. I guess this really makes it official?

Each morning I woke up to 53 degree weather. It was freezing. I grabbed one last minute sweater before we left thank goodness. I think I wore it for a good portion of each day. It was the essential Maine summer weather. The wedding was a great time and absolutely beautiful. It was one of those times when you see people you haven't seen in such a long time. It was wonderful just to touch base again. There are so many memories. We really need to try and make more of in effort to see people on a regular basis.
The muffin above was the breakfast at the Inn we stayed at. It was a Morning Glory. I always thought this was a funny name for a muffin. If it was a cookie they are normally called the Everything cookie but for a muffin its Morning Glory. Regardless of the name I always enjoy the catch-all of anything so the Morning Glory muffin is right up my alley. I might be tempted to try out a few recipes later this week. Last night the only energy I had went towards a boxed brownie mix.

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