Monday, August 16, 2010

Bridal Shower

Woah it's fun to be girly sometimes. I have found myself most girly at bridal showers. I think that this is actually fairly normal and so I am not too embarrassed to show this picture. My lovely co-workers decided to throw me a lovely bridal brunch/shower on Saturday morning. The above picture is an adorable apron and set of cleaning gloves. They make housework very fashionable. Not saying I wasn't fashionable before but most of the time my cleaning attired is not so classy.

Among other things I got a few kitchen gadgets. I love the potato masher. I have so many ideas for things to mash!

Check out the spread of yummy breakfast items. We had a variety of tea and coffee, plus OJ and strawberry juice for mimosas. Quite the refresher for a sunny day.

There was fruit and bagels, cherry chocolate scones and banana muffins. They are Kari's recipes and maybe if she is feeling nice we will get to someday have those recipes. By the end of the party they were gone!
Thanks so much girls! I had an awesome time.

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  1. awwwww sucks that I missed it :( LOOKS AWESOME!


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