Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday night mission & Stuffed Peppers

This is Sunday's dinner - stuffed peppers. It is one of those meals I always forget about making and then when I do I am so happy. It was good and comforting. Two dinners in a row at home, this could be a record.

The big mission last night is to kill the damn bees. Actually we have determined they are Yellow Jackets. Mean nasty little yellow jackets that hunt me now every time I try to leave the apartment. The night I posted about the bee sting I received last Sunday Jordan got stung. He saw the sucker and it was a big yellow jacket. He of course being the man he is didn't cry as much as me, or even at all which he was sure to point out, but that is beside the point.
Sunday at 2pm I went to leave to get great poisonous spray to kill the yellow jackets. The problem was I had to walk by the hole in the ground where they fly in and out of. They were flying in and out so fast, lots and lots of yellow jackets. After about 5 minutes of debating if I really was going to make it out and all of the alternative routes to my car (there are none), Jordan can to my rescue. I suited up in a long sleeve coat and Jordan swiftly escorted me through the storm. We had to wait until evening when they calm down a bit for Jordan to go out and spray the hole. The initial idea was to suit him up in ski gear in case they attacked. Jordan being the man he is decided he didn't need protection. I thought this was crazy but I think we hit the yellow jacket bedtime as there was very little activity flying around. For the record though I still would not have done it without protection.
Jordan sprayed the hole for a good long time and shot at any yellow jackets that attempted to fly in or out. He didn't get stung once, yea! He used half the spray can. This morning I took a turn spraying the hole for a bit when I left cause I saw a baby one flying around. Jordan also finished off the bottle when he noticed two more before he left. Happily I can say that at lunch and tonight Jordan didn't see any. Thank goodness cause the situation went for nothing to bad to impossible in about a week. I don't think I could have taken another day of being petrified of leaving the apartment.

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