Monday, August 23, 2010

Oysters anyone?

Saturday we had bunches of errands to run in Milford, CT. I had heard that this past weekend was the oyster festival on the Milford green. Jordan likes oysters so I thought this might be a fun distraction for a bit amidst the packing and wedding preparations.

We took a 10 minute shuttle on a school bus from the mall to the green. Boy school buses are tiny once you grow up. We arrived to find lots and lots of craft tables and non-profit organizations set up. We walked and walked and started to wonder if we were ever going to see any oysters.

After a quick stop at the information booth we found this tent.

Oyster FAIL!

However there were two lines to get into the tent to order both about 50 people deep. After waiting about 5 minutes and not moving a inch we decided we had had enough. No oysters for us.

The most exciting part of the whole experience was the bus ride. And the view of seeing a boy roll a blunt in the car next to us at a red light. In more so was the 50 year old business man calling it a "Fatty".

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