Monday, May 2, 2011

BBQ chicken panini

I love the crock pot.  It makes warm delicious meals without much effort in ONE pot. I love it!  The one down side is that the recipes are normally for at least 4 servings if not 6 or 8.  That is a lot for a couple of 2. 

We always have so many leftovers and a lot of the time they end up in the freezer.  The other day I was organizing the freezer and found such container of leftover BBQ chicken.  

What did I do you ask with this little container?  Well Mr. J and I made some BBQ chicken paninis.  

BBQ chicken and cheese melted between two pieces of bread.  

They were good.  Next time I will make them with a bit more purpose.  I just barely had enough for two sandwiches.  I can picture in my head a huge pile of BBQ chicken with cheese oozing out the sides.  Next time indeed.  Yum!

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  1. Crock pot is great coz it cooks while you do other stuff. Left over roast or BBQ chicken makes an awesome toasted sandwich!


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