Monday, May 9, 2011

Restaurant Review: Bouchon

I feel a bit out of blogging about San Francisco.  After all it was a week ago today that we were packing up and getting ready for the flight back to Connecticut.  I have a few more things I want to share remember  brag about our trip. 

Now as soon as I found out about our trip west I wanted to check out The French Laundry, the ultimate dining experience by Thomas Keller.  Then I did some research, although I was ahead of the game for making reservations the price tag on one of the 9 course meals is $270/person.  This is by no means out of my price range and I believe this meal is completely worth every penny BUT Mr. J and I did just get married and had a honeymoon less then 12 months ago.  I was already feeling about bit guilty for all of the things we were ALREADY going to do.  I just couldn't justify it.  Plus it is a GREAT excuse for another visit in a couple years.

Instead we opted for another of Thomas Keller's restaurants, Bouchon.  It was very much the French bistro atmoshere.

It did not disapoint.  We started with this lovely loaf of bread from the bakery, yummy butter ( I will eat really really really good butter, and pistachios.  No wine for us there, sadly the days consumption put me at my limit.

Our appetizer was a rillette of beef brisket.  It came in this cute little jam jar and toasted bread.  We had definitely worked up an appetizer with all of our wine consumption.

I got a special of roasted duck loin on cheese polenta and roasted veggies.  I don't understand how this polenta was so good.  I fail every time I try to make it at home.  Any recipe recommendations for polenta out there?  Anyway, this was so good and filling.  I ate all the duck and then cried when I couldn't finish the polenta.

Mr. J got the classic steak frites.  And yes, that is the mountain of french fries that came with the meal.  It was huge.  I was happy because there was no excuse for Mr. J NOT to share with me.  Maybe that is why my polenta became problematic.

Needless to say, we were unable to order dessert even after spying on multiple other tables' delicious sweet selections.  Don't worry though I had a marvelous idea.  Right outside of Bouchon is the Bouchon Bakery.  Although it was closed when we left dinner, I told Mr. J that tomorrow when we were out and about we were making it the highest priority to stop at the bakery for dessert.

Our afternoon snack included Bouchons.  Bouchcon means cork in French, so this are the little wine cork brownies.  They are so good, to die for really.  Deep, rich, dark chocolate brownies.  I wanted them to last as long as possible so I was careful to eat at least three bites of each.  If you had one you would know how difficult it was not to just pop the whole thing in your mouth.  They were SO GOOD!

Mr. J picked out the chocolate eclair.  It looks like a donut to me, not something I would pick out on my own.  However, the cream filling was quite good.  Mr. J liked it enough that he didn't want any of mine and I didn't really want even of his, even though he did share.  I didn't share, although I was willing.  In the end, we were both happy to wait for our special dessert, and both very happy with our choices.  Now I want to go make me some brownies.

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  1. All of this looks so delicious!! :)

    PS - I look forward to meeting you at the CT Blogger Meet Up!!!


  2. Gorgeous! ... especially that eclair :D


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