Thursday, May 26, 2011

Super Fun Funfetti

I think I have said it before but I typically don’t buy boxed mixes. They kind of freak me out not knowing what is in them. Plus I have no idea how long they have sat on the shelves. I normally have all of the ingredients to make whatever my heart desires on hand so it is never really a problem. That being said in the last 24 hours I found myself surrounding by not just one but TWO boxed mixes.

It all started last night when I went over to Kari's house. In general, these mid-week get togethers consist of dinner and a movie. Most of the time in PJs, you know, the quintessential girl’s night IN outfit. Our movie planning was a bit off with the Netflix schedule. Rather than trying to shift through the options for instant play we opted for a different form of entertainment – BAKING!

Our genius idea was to make Funfetti cupcakes. If there is one thing worth using a box mix for Funfetti is the one. Yum! Then, Kari came up with a super genius idea (or she just looks at a billion blogs a day and found it) to make Funfetti whoppie pies. Super genius right! It was just like having two cupcake tops!  By the end of the night we were super entertained and stuffed for of food.

Did I also mention she made this for dinner

Yum! I would call it a good night.

The next boxed option hit me this morning when I was craving a muffin. Our kitchen has the corner spinney cabinet. I refer to it as the lost cave. Things go in and never come out. Talk about not know how long a box mix sits. This muffin mix went in to the lost cave who knows when.

Upon closer inspection though I realized this was a great, quick, and healthy breakfast treat. And the box only made 6 muffins, perfect for two people. I know what you are thinking. No, we didn’t eat all 6 THAT morning. But most muffin recipes are for a dozen and I am always freezing some because that is just too many muffins for two people to eat before they start to turn.

OK back to the muffin mix box.

This is what I did.
I followed the directions but swapped out the oil with applesauce. 
Added 1 tsp of cinnamon.  Got to love the cinnamon.
Added 1/4 C of raisins.

Volia!  Raisin Bran muffins in 5 minutes flat. 

Another genius idea!


  1. Um, I LOVE funfetti anything but funfetti whoopi pies?? Genious. Totally jealous of your girls night in!! :(

  2. I kind of wish I'd brought some of the pies to work, but then people would probably steal them.

    Also, Mike was very happy we saved him some calzone for his lunch today.

  3. Funfetti is my favorite too. The name alone already is fun...then you know...the whoopie pie. genius! Love it.

  4. Best idea ever!! How can you not love funfetti?!

  5. Such colorful whoopie pies. Excellent girls night there.


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