Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frenchy green beans

There are some things I just know about myself. There is no mistaking it.

I am NOT patient. Me trying my hardest to be patient is like a baby waiting to be feed. It is just not going to happen without a certain amount of ugly faces and crying.

I NEED to eat on a regular basis. If I go a long time without eating (upwards of 5 hours), especially in the morning, I am grumpy. I get headaches. I am not a nice person to be around.

I MUST sleep for 8 hours a night. Yes, this could be problematic if kiddos ever come into the future. When I don’t sleep I cannot function. I don’t remember what I am doing or how to do it. Not a good place to be.

Rain is not my FRIEND. Whenever it rains, I am in a haze. I cannot go outside because you immediately get damp. It is not comforting or attractive to be damp. My glasses get spotted and will forever after be smudged making it very difficult to see.

This week has been nothing but rain. Starting last Saturday and forecasted through this coming Saturday there is not thing but rain. YUCK! I could not live in the upper Northwestern state. Bye bye dreams of Seattle.


To help me out of the long-lasting rain funk, I used GREEN.

I wore GREEN sweaters.

I put a GREEN background on my computer.

I ate GREEN.

Breakfast = Green monster smoothies

Lunch = lots of salads

Dinner = broccoli and green beans

Green beans might be my favorite side dish.  One of the simplest way to prepare them is as follows.
Clean green beans and place in sauce pan.
Add 1-2 Tbsp whole peppercorns
Add 2 Tbsp lemon juice
Add 1 Tbsp olive oil

Add 3,4 or 6 smashed cloves garlic

If you have fresh lemon slices add as well.
Cover pan.
Heat on stove top for 15-20 minutes on medium shaking occasionally.  We tend to go on the short side to have the beans remain somewhat crispy.
I may or may not be known for having this a main course for dinner.  Yum!


  1. Fun green post! You're not an Aries by any chance? Our characters sound remarkably similar ;-)

  2. There's been nothing but gray weather in California lately too, and I could use a dash of green in my life! These green beans, and your whole meal, look scrumptious Emily! You have a beautiful blog and I'm glad to have found it. Going to check out more of your recipes now! :) - Georgia

  3. Love green beans but snapping the ends off is totally overated!

  4. You. Not fun to be around? Impossible!

  5. I feel you...I hate this rainy weather!! I think I'm gonna go green, too!!

  6. I am so with you on a lot of those- especially eating:-) You do NOT want to be around me when I get hungry lol.


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