Monday, June 6, 2011

Eggland's Best Eggs

Mr. J and I go through eggs like wolves.  They are the ones that steal eggs right?  Maybe they just go after Little Red Robin Hood? 

Anyway, I constantly have to check the quantities in the fridge for my baking because more times than not when I go to grab some the box is empty or nearly empty.  It is never more frustrating than being one egg off from a full recipe.  This is the story of my life. 

Thus, I jumped at the chance to sign up for Eggland's Best eggs.  As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker's program I recieved a dozen of Eggland's Best eggs.  I thought long and hard about how I wanted to use these eggs.  What could I bake?  A custard pie, a new ice cream recipe.  There were so many options out there for new and exciting recipes.  The problem was each time I thought I had decided on recipe, I got a craving for a good old plain egg.  It just wouldn't go away.  Mr. J finally laughed at my indecisiveness and said then make eggs.

I couldn't justify simple scrambled eggs.  We decided that a nice Greek omelette would fit the bill.

I sauteed up some onions (too many), mixed peppers, and garlic in olive oil.

We added the eggs and let the pan rest for about 2 minutes on low heat.  Then we topped it with feta cheese.  I probably should have just popped it into the oven and called it a frittata but I didn't want to get all fancy.  I would much prefer to struggle with the whole omelette making flip. 

In the end, it came out much more like an omelette than an egg scramble.  Either way you call it, the end result was delicious.  Loads of veggies, melty feta cheese, and lots of egg protein.  Even Mr. J was full for hours. 

We only used 6 eggs for this meal.  I hoping now that I have fulfilled my egg craving I can whip up something a bit more creative with the rest.


  1. This is making me hate my breakfast cereal bar :(

  2. A great place to start. This kind of breakfast would start my day off beautifully.

  3. I am not that big of a fan of eggs, but we go through them like crazy at our house! And we always by Egglands Best!

  4. MMM, anything Greek is good for me!! Check out my new Greek Pie recipe,

  5. Yum, love all the flavours in this omelet, because I love Greek food. And I *think* it's foxes that steal into chicken coops and steal all the eggs, but I am no farmer so I could be wrong! Buzzing it!

  6. Wow, this looks so yummy!! Thumbs up!!!!


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