Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confessions From My Life

1. I woke up this morning trying my mightiest to be in a good mood, something that is difficult when I have so much to do.  Any hope went out the window when I turned on the news to the dreaded "s" word.  Possibility of snow on Saturday.  I am not ready. I blame mother nature for throwing out sunny 80 degree days a couple of short weeks ago.

2.  Last week my view was pretty much like this 24/7...locations varied.  I call it my three C's:  Computer, Coffee, and Cookie.  For me it is somewhere between an addiction and a necessary evil.  Note to self:  you will get funny looks if you seat in Whole Foods for an hour conference call on mute.  I guess they expect you to talk into the phone if you are on the phone.

3.  While driving I play a game with the GPS.  It gives me an arrival time...I determine that is just too long.  I must beat it.  Typically I win.  It is good for my confidence.

4.  I had absurd amounts of coffee, lattes and expresso.  I think I need to detox or at least hide the evidence a bit better.

5.  Our Sunday night dinner was fried chicken bought from the store.  In my mind this is better than take-out.  Plus I served raw cut up veggies on a cutting board.  Classy I know but at least I hit 3 food groups....protein, veggies and friedness.  I was then reassured that Mr. J would have leftovers for lunch the next two days.  What a good wife I am!


  1. snow on saturday? nooooooooooooooooo!

    This post is making me crave coffee! I think I would enjoy traveling with you. Too bad we probably never will.

  2. I am with on #1 (but my snow is Thursday...grr) and #3. I always win. My husband always loses. I don't even think he tries.

  3. Ha loved this post! Seems like we're pretty similar with our awesome quirks. :)

  4. Haha! Love these. Especially the GPS one because I do that too!

  5. I am so sorry about the snow....I'm not a fan of cold weather, so I feel your pain.

    I like the third food group you hit with your dinner...friedness!

  6. Snow in the air? I’m scared of it already. We had loads last year and it was HORRIBLE!
    I like your 3 C’s, but I like it more when you replace coffee for cake =)

  7. I like the way your mind works. Friedness as a food group? Too funny! :-)


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