Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little reading for the soul...

I have been super duper busy at work.  The good news is the end is near.  At least I can hope it is.  Although I am going away for the rest of the week and then another day trip come Monday the rest of that week will be at home...in the office...the first long stretch.in.forever.SERIOUSLY.

On some of those long travel trips in the past I have read a few books to keep me entertained in the airplanes, etc.  On some very poor advice and decision making on my part I decided to start two different trilogies.  These trilogies turned out to be very addicting, all time life consuming.  Mr. J said he felt neglected.  When I wasn't reading I just thought about what could possible be next up in the story.

Meet The Hunger Games.  It's fantastic.  About a million zillion times better than the Twilight series.  I lost sleep but it was worth it.  I stupidly decidedly asked Mr. J to give me the whole set for my birthday.  It was on my Nook.  All.820.pages.at.once.  I ended one book and went right on through to the next.  It was the best birthday present ever.  I cannot go into detail about this book.  It is just too hard to explain. Too many stories and I would go on recapping all the glorious parts.  Just know you have to READ it.

My second addiction was to the Stieg Larsson series The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  This was a bit of a different story.  I heard mixed reviews about this book. Mainly that it was hard to get into and there were too many characters to follow.  I had this book for 10 months before I dug in.  I read this one and the second one straight through.  Then I had no Internet and couldn't download the third. What's a girl to do?  Well not knowing how The Hunger Games would suck my life away (in a good way) I took a little bread.  Like I said I read that whole series in less than a week, so it wasn't long before I could start the third and final book in the series. I had no trouble getting right into it.  It was a mystery and I needed to know "who done it"

More recently though I have been reading all of the holiday issues of my magazines.  My favorite time of the year is when all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas issues come out.  Although I am completely scared about it being the end of October already, I cannot wait till Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday.  I love spending the day in the kitchen with my mom. Gifting giving is also a fun joy for me.  I am already plotting out what I want to get my friends and family. 

What good books have you read lately? 


  1. I recently finished "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake." Currently reading the letters of Julia Child & Avis DeVoto.

    One of my favorite books is The Dante Murders by Matthew Pearl. Historical fiction-mystery set in Boston.

  2. I like your choices! I just pulled out a bunch of my holiday magazine issues as well! My husband loved the Steig Larson series, too!

  3. ummm... excuse me... "About a million zillion times better than the Twilight series"...

    I will FIGHT you. Peeta doesn't hold a CANDLE to Edward. The Hunger Games is great, Twilight is the BEST. HUMF >:(

  4. I love to read!! At this moment it is either a cook book or a romantic novel. When I start a book I need to read it in on go. And I never read it twice. It’s not fun if you already know what will happen.


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