Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Favorites: Chicago Eats

Let's just say that thank goodness we walked all over Chicago. Our meals were not that healthy and we need the extra calorie burn to continue fitting into our clothes.

1. Frontera Grill for snacks and a drink.

2. Frontera Grill for a meal.  This is some really good food.  There are so many options it is worth making multiple trips.

3. Chicago-style hot dogs.  I was recommended to go to Hot Doug's  by just about everyone.  Mr. J was so excited to check them out.  Then we realized that ever year they celebrate Columbus day with a little 2 week vacation.  They were closed.  No Hot Doug's dogs for us.  I guess we will just have to go back.  I ended up having another hot dog one day at lunch but I am sure Doug's are a bit better.

4. Italian Beef sandwich dipped.  This was a Chicago tradition that Mr. J couldn't wait to try out.  We ended up at Al's Beef.  He got the large.  It was a gigantic slow roasted beef sandwich with hot peppers and then dipped in au jus. We were told it is the "salt and fat" that makes it good. I was agree with this statement.

5. Stanley's Kitchen and Tap.  Here they serve comfort food at their best.  I found out that on Sunday they have an all you can eat brunch that includes all of the typical breakfast fare including an omelette station but also lots of fried chicken, mac 'n' cheese and biscuits and gravy.  One plate filled me right up.  It was so good.  I think this was some of the best mac 'n' cheese I have ever at.  The best thing about this was it was only $12.99 per person.  Oh and did I mention make your own Bloody Mary bar? 


  1. This is good to know info, I'm planning on being in Chicago real soon. Thank you.

  2. You may have indulged, but wow! You picked the right things to indulge on!

  3. I live here and I still havent made it to hot dougs yet! I wanna go on Duck Fat French Fry Friday!!

  4. Oh I love Chicago! You definitely made some good choices =)

  5. We were in Chicago in August 2010, and had been looking forward to Hot Doug's the entire drive (11 hours). When we go there, they had a sign on the door that they were closed the week we would be in Chicago. No Hot Doug's for us! I wonder if they're ever open?


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