Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trailing Mickey Mouse

There really is something magical about Disney.  I know that the Magic Kingdom is primarily the "kids" park but it is my favorite.  I always wanted to live in the castle, to wear ball gowns, and be whisked off my feet by prince charming.  For the most part I know it is make-believe magic, but in real life I got Mr. J.

This was my first time coming to the park in September.  There was a completely different feel than in early March.  Mostly it was hot and humid.  They tried to play tricks with your head though by having out all sorts of fall decorations.

There were pumpkin Mickey Mouse heads everywhere.  Of course you couldn't leave Disney without catching some fireworks.  To be honest most night Mr. J and I were back at the hotel before they fire these babies off but one night we did manage to stay up.

A special treat this year was Babycakes, a new addition to the Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Babycakes is a famous NYC bakery that creates wonderful sweet treats and donuts that are all vegan.  I don't think the majority of Disney goers realized what an amazing company they are...there was never a line.  

You got the cute little pink box and I managed to convince Mr. J to try something out.  He really didn't need that much convincing though when I said how highly touted the donuts were on the streets of NYC.

He ended up with the cookie crunch donut.  Looks delicious huh?  I said they were vegan NOT healthy.

The real star of the show for sweet treats at Disney though is the pineapple float in the Adventure Island portion of the Magic Kingdom.  It is sponsored by Dole fruit.   They have pineapple soft serve which is probably the most amazing thing I have ever tasted.  You can multiple that by 100 when it is 100 degrees outside.  I always order the float with pineapple juice and then walk quickly away so I don't have to share with Mr. J.

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