Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIAW: Dallas, Texas

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Whoops! I think I missed a day posting yesterday. I flew to Dallas Texas. It was two long flights. Not enough water. And too hot.  I hope I don't melt away.  Since yesterday was so hectic and I didn't do a good job taking photos of my eats, here are some snaps from a boring but good Monday.

Did I say boring?  I must have forgot about my morning. I was running around like a fool getting ready. I spilled my smoothie moving too fast. Got in not only on the table but all day my leg. Good thing I had a dress on and didn't have to change clothes too. 

By the time lunch had rolled around things were not so crazy.  I had a bagel pizza was some of the best basil pesto and parmesan cheese. Makes a huge difference. I ate it so fast I burned the top of my mouth. 

Dinner was at a place similar to Chipolte but not Chipolte. I had a beef salad. I was so hungry I also ordered some tortilla soup. It came in a huge bowl too with tons of fillings. I couldn't eat it all.

No snacks today. I was so busy playing check up I forgot to take my normal fruit break.  

Do you ever get so busy you forget to eat?

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  1. Oh I love making english muffin/bagel pizzas. Yours looks delicious!

  2. Everything looks delicious, especially your salad!

  3. That happens to me all the time! Somedays I'm at a loss on what to post for my edition of WIAW since everything I ate was such a blur and I didn't do to well of a job of taking pictures. Your mini pizzas look delish though!

  4. I neeeever forget to eat ;) I just look forward to it so much! That bagel pizza looks delish :)

  5. Love this - delicious - we LOVE mini pizzas!!
    Mary x

  6. You are so busy... but you eat well. :) The bagel pizza looks so good.. and think I am going to try that with the kids. :)


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