Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekly Workouts 7.5

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I am going to try something new. See I signed up for a race on August 4th. I am a bit petrified. It is a 5K.  Not too long but...
  • Some days I can barely run a half a mile
  • Right now it is 85 some degrees outside and extremely humid and the race is in August
  • Last time I ran this race it poured rain. I mean poured to the point my clothes were so saturated with water I think I weighed an extra 20 pounds.

I signed up because I wanted the shirt.  It is the Sea Leg Shuffle. They have lobster on them. Stupid shirt. I need to have you.


Thus I am posting my workouts till said race to keep me motivated.

Saturday: Run 5 minutes, Walk 5 minutes for 60 minutes. Run at speed 5.0 (12 minute mile)

Sunday: Walk 3 minutes, Run 30 minutes, Walk 15 minutes. Run at speed 5.0 (12 minute mile)

Monday: 30 minute Yoga DVD

Tuesday: Jillian  Micheal's 30 Day Shred DVD Workout 1

Wednesday: Walk 10 minutes, Run 10 minutes for 60 minutes.  Run at speed 5.0 (12 minute mile)

Thursday: Run 5 minutes, Walk 5 minutes for 60 minutes. Run at speed 5.0 (12 minute mile)

Friday: Run 20 minutes, Elliptical 35 minutes

The plan is for Sunday to be the long run day. I hope to increase time of running not so much speed. Although it would be sweet if I could get to a 10 minute mile by August. 


  1. What a great idea Emily! I just started training today for a 5k as well, using an app called C25K, although I may not get to your level by the 4th but I will follow along. I need the motivation as well!

  2. Best of luck with the race!! I know you can do it. :)


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