Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Edition: Decorating

Clearly my weekly motivating posts didn't last long.  I track what I do on a different website so I know it is there somewhere but I am too lazy to make the transfer. Plus I can sum it up much easier than typing it out day by day. The last two weeks have been walking. Even at 6am, even at the air conditioned gym it has been hot and humid.  I might have gotten two runs in but they were miserable. Miserable running is NOT motivating.

In other news I have been a painting fiend. Three wrong colors later I think we might be done painting.  The whole apartment wasn't redone and I am sure the longer I stare at the old walls the more I will want to do. I have also been obsessed with this website.  It has led me to purchase several art pieces/frames for our new walls. I cannot wait to hang them up.  Decorating is much more fun than painting.

That pretty much sums up the weekend. 

Do you love or hate to paint?

Mr. J conveniently decided he was not good at painting and left it all up to me.  Good news is he was willing to do whatever else I asked of him all weekend.

In case you missed it, here is what I was up to last week:


        1. Wow, what a beautiful blog you have here ! Awesome! Cool posts !

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        2. Mmm those blueberry chocolate chip muffins look great!!

        3. Love the painting, hate the prep, hate the cleanup even more. But it's always worth it.

        4. I am the person in household that does all the painting. I am totally okay with the painting task... but I don't like the prep work (ie.. moving furniture...doing the blue tape...etc...) Just give me a roller or brush and I'm a painting fool. :)


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