Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Edition: Race Day and such

Hello lovelies!

Happy Sunday!

Happy Race Day!

My 5K came and went this morning. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I ran in about 31 minutes. I missed the clock at the end of the race. Silly me. It was sunnier and brighter than I expected. My face was rosy red at the end. 

They had hot dogs. I passed. 

The real reason I ran the race was to get a the tech. shirt with a lobster on it.  My old one was dirty and smelly.  Sadly they changed the logo this year - no lobster. 

This week in the garden the squash plant decided to rot over and die.  Such a disappointing plant after earlier in the season having grown so massively.  The tomatoes, however, are going strong. 

And in case you missed any posts last week, here is a quick recap:


          1. Finishing any race deserves congratulations!!! You've had a delicious week...I'm still drooling over your s'mores ice cream :)

          2. I'm always amazed by runners... I have never been able to run... don't have the stamina. Well done!! Love the week of food... the ice cream... those zucchini chips. Could I eat them together. :)


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