Wednesday, October 9, 2013

my last trip to Albany {WIAW}

First things first.  Happy Birthday Mr. J!!!

I learned this morning that my breakfast photo does not work well when on a road trip by myself. I had a multi-grain bagel with veggie cream cheese and a latte from Dunkin Donuts.  Eaten while driven. This means lots of crumbs on my lap and no picture.

I was on my way to Albany to wrap up a project.  Due to some other internal shifts it is probably my last trip up there. Lunch was Panera. This is the Panera I always eat at while in town.  I know all of the workers. It is kind of sad I won't see them again. I was a bit compelled to say my Goodbyes.  In the end I thought I better not. That could be weird.

Dinner was pineapple and cashew curried fried rice. I am trying out Cook Smarts meal planning for a few weeks. So far the meals are 3 for 3 in deliciousness.  I will post more about the experience in a few weeks. 

Do you eat in the car? And make a mess?

Do you do weekly meal planning? 

Have you made any Halloween treats yet?


  1. I always eat my outmeal in the car. Though I tend to be "a bit" messy with my food I am pretty good at eating my oats in the car. I have a bowl with a handle. That helps :-).

  2. I want your breakfast... in the car! I never eat in my car... I know, I'm missing out.

  3. I have never had pineapple in fried rice... very interesting... must try it. :)

  4. I do eat in the car. And I do make a big mess! I need to start meal's so hard! And I've yet to make Halloween treats yet. This needs to change soon! Thank you for sharing my friend!

  5. Pineapple cashew fried rice is on my meal plan this week too! The recipe is from How Sweet It is. Weird lol! I didn't know you came so close to me for work. Albany is not too far away.


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