Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love fish and WIAW

Our rose bush out back looks unruly.  We were thinking about taking it out and only resisted because we wanted to see all of the plants for one full year before any big yard decisions. Well, the rose bush is still unruly but it recently bloomed. Pale pink roses. Swoon. Now we have flowers on the table. 

Breakfast was toast with smashed avocado.  Good bread toasted always makes me smile.  

I forgot to snap my lunch. It was a hectic hour yesterday and somehow my lunch was half gone. I actually am going to post the recipe of the salad I had in a few days.  

This day was all about dinner though. We have been eating more fish. We have cute little local fish market. It is pricey but the quality of the fish is far and beyond anything we can get in the store. It is worth it.  We got Sea Bass for last night. Pan fried in butter before it was finished in a hot oven.  Olive oil, garlic and parsley on top with a drizzle of white wine. Yes, it was good.  Served with rice and steamed broccoli. 

I am pretty plain Jane when it comes to fish prep.  
How do you like your fish?

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