Saturday, June 7, 2014

A little time in Atlanta

Since we were both in the South for work this week, we decided to stay an extra day and explore Atlanta a bit.

Friday afternoon we found ourselves stuck in traffic. All of a sudden cars were stopped. We got lucky and were able to dart off the highway just in time. More lucky was that this particularly exit had Mayfield Dairy.  We missed the dairy tour by 10 minutes but ice cream shop was open.  You know the ice cream will be good when there is a big cow out front. 

That evening I had big plans for us. Stone Mountain Park. This was a favorite childhood memory.  When I was around 4 years old we lived near Athens, Georgia for a bit. My parents used to take us to Stone Mountain for the laser show.  Back then it was the train and laser show.  Now it is a verified theme park. I couldn't get over how built up the area was.  

The laser show didn't disappoint. We didn't have picnic gear or blankets so it was a long wait till the 9:30pm show but I am glad we waited it out.  I was so happy to share this experience with Jordan.

Saturday morning started out at the Peachtree Road Farmer's Market.  There were so many vendors with good things.  Pretty much each table had something I wanted. There were even peaches! I couldn't justify buying a bag knowing we would be getting on a plane.  Peaches do not travel well.  But oh Georgia peaches.

The next stop was the Georgia Aquarium. We got there early and checked out most of the exhibits before the dolphin show. The shows are my favorite part of the aquarium experience.  Jordan and I both just about fell over though when the show started and a guy came out and started singing. Yes, it was a dolphin show but it was so much more than that too. It was good but not what I expected at all from the aquarium.

Other favorites were the otters, penguins and Beluga whales.

Up next was the World of Coke Cola.  The South is all about Coke.  Again I had been here before when I was little but I didn't remember too much and the whole thing had been updated since the Olympics were held in Atlanta.  There are so many Coke products and paraphernalia. It was fun seeing it all and learning some facts about the history of Coke.

Lunch was at Max's pizza around the corner from the Aquarium.  We wanted to avoid the nasty overpriced food that was in the attractions. We shared a salad and pizza. It was just the right amount of food.

I was saving room because I happened to find out that there was a Jeni's ice cream in Atlanta. Of course once I knew there was one nearby it was my mission to visit. 

Turns out that there were a lot of other cool shops and eats in the area.  I was happy and sad that we were so far from home. I would have done some major shopping damage had I been able to not worry about fitting it into the suitcase.  

Dinner was in the same section of town because there were just so much awesomeness. My brother and Sister in law recommended Taqueria del Sol.  There are a few locations across town.

Clearly it is a good thing when you show up before opening and there is already a line. We got chips, salsa and guacamole of course along with a sampling of tacos. So good and so cheap! I think we both wish we could have one of these in Connecticut.

The day ended with a lovely little Doubletree cookie split between the two of us. 


  1. So enjoy your stories. Love reading them!

  2. omigosh! What a wonderful trip-love that there was a Jeni's in Atlanta too!

  3. I have never been to Atlanta. I love those sunflowers.... they are my favorite flower. :)


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