Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Edition: First Days of Summer

It is officially summer. Did you enjoy your five seconds of extra sunlight yesterday?

We were out and about all day long. We had a mission to pick up a moose head for our living room. Mr. J is obsessed with getting animal heads and fish mounts for our house. At first I was adamant with a no. Then, I said only in his space. He didn't think those were acceptable answers so here we are today with a paper mache moose head. It is actually classy. We don't have it up yet so no picture but soon. 

We went down to Westport to pick it up.  It is just about 50 minutes away.  This area of Connecticut is dangerous for me.  If there was ever a store I wanted to shop in I am pretty sure it exists within 5 miles of Westport. I tried to stay focused and only went to Penzeys spices, West Elm and Terrain.  They have such beautiful things. I was ready to do lunch at Terrain but Mr. J had his eyes set on Super Duper Weenie.  

They have legendary hot dogs in Connecticut. I am not always a huge fan of hot dogs but these were fantastic. Their fries were super amazing too.   After being home for a bit cookies seemed right.  Along with a big cup of French press coffee.

Today we have a home tour in some historical and ginormous ocean homes. I cannot wait. 

And in case you missed it, here is what I was up to last week:


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