Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Remarkable Homes Tour {Madison, CT}

Get ready for a whole lot of photos. On Sunday we did a little home tour in our town.  Madison is an old school town right on the Connecticut shore line.  There are all sorts of historical homes from the 1800's, there are massive estates, and modern beach homes. Our house is none of these things but we ogle them each and every day. 

The remarkable home tour picks 5 homes throughout Madison to be opened to the public.

The first one up is The Comfort Scranton House built in 1817.  This house was styled more traditionally and in a way that fit my own design preferences. Thus, it was one of my favorites. 

The kitchen was my favorite room. Obviously.

This built in cabinet was on the far side of the kitchen. I want something similar in our dining room. Do you think it is asking too much for Mr. J to build if for me birthday present?

I want these bins and bowls. 

And look at the lobsters!!!

There was a huge mural at the front door going up the staircase of a beach scene.  The same artist painted this big rock that was then used as a door step. 

I have this thing for bookcases and built ins.  I want one in every room.

I was not expecting all the gorgeous outdoor spaces in these houses.  I am not an outdoorsy person but this set up made me want to call up a landscaper to come and make me a patio. And oh the potted plants. When you have a bzillion all in one area it looks fantastic.

Up next was the Timothy Dowd House built in the mid-18th century. 

I love the star fish above the door. 

More bookcases!!  This house was for sale and some of the other rooms were as decorated as this living space. 

The kitchen had been updated and I didn't think it was anything special. They did have an amazing outdoor space. 

I thought this sweet little walking path was so cute.  There were lush gardens all around the edge of the property and a cute gazebo in the middle. Sometimes I wish we would have something similar in our backyard. I know though it would never look like this or at least not for the long term. 

This house was by far my favorite. It might be the fact that the backyard is the ocean. Dream come true!!

We walk by this beach cottage when we go for our ocean walk. I have always been drawn to this front door with the roses across the front. 

Trying to figure where I can hang a light like this at our house. 

The entrance had herringbone floors. So cool! Mr. J and I want these in our house (tile not like the painted wood here).

How cute is this little nook?  Let's just pack it up and ship it to my house. No one will notice right?

And check out this little eating spot out back. 

And the other side. Yes, and yes!

I am not a huge gold fan but I really loved this bar cart. Mr. J was all about it too. 

The view from the upstairs balcony. Sigh!

The master bath had this boat's hole as the mirror on the mirror. I wasn't a fan but Mr. J loved it. He is all about nautical themes. 

I want this light fixture. 

These little shelves are precious and would be perfect in our powder room downstairs. 

There as a huge drift would bar in the kitchen. This was a bit much for me but seemed right in this beach setting. 

This house also had me considering wallpaper in our house. Mr. J said I was nuts and reminded me of the cursing that occurred as I was ripping the old stuff off. 

This house is aptly named Summerwind and was built in the 20th century. Huge is an understatement. 

There were fireplaces everywhere. 

And the views were amazing. 

More stained glass. This cute little door lead from the main house to a back stairwell for the kitchen. I am pretty sure it was the staff entrance and exit. 

The most gigantic linen closet ever. A small bedroom really. 

There were lots and lots of bedrooms. You could easily picture a large family gathering here with little kids running around the space barefoot and enjoying summer.

The last house was named Oyama and was built in 1906. Also gigantic. Although close to the ocean and on a hill there wasn't any views of the water. 

The house was cool and had nice lines but it wasn't my favorite. I think this really came down to how it was decorated. The colors, the furniture, none of it fit my style. I did love this stone fireplace and there was so much natural light throughout. 

We had such a marvelous time looking and dreaming. Poor Mr. J has a list of projects from all of the ideas we got from each house. 

Have you ever been on a home tour?


  1. HOW PRETTY! I wanna live in those houses!

  2. I really wanted to go on the tour, but when I said something about it, Mike made a joke and I thought that meant he didn't want to go. Then when I mentioned that you had posted about it he said, "oh yeah, that would have been fun!" Dangit!

  3. I totally want that kitchen.. built in cabinets (don't have a hubby that can do that though) and even the bowls beautifully lined up in a row.


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