Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eating all day long...WIAW

I wish it was Friday. The first half of this week has been trying. Luckily I am home all week long. That hasn't happened in a long while.  Somehow though being home all week means lots of extra work.  Work I already expected plus a whole bunch more always gets added.  

Being home also means plenty of food availability.  I have been told more than once that being pregnant means I can eat whatever I want. This is so NOT true.  And so not nice to tell someone when they're belly is growing nonstop uncontrollably.  Being healthy does not mean eating all day long, anything I want. In fact some days I don't even want to eat and the act of finding food is quite the task. 

Other days I do want to eat all day long.  But even then finding food that satisfies me is also a trying task. Eating was never such an arduous task before becoming pregnant.  Yesterday I was pretty hungry all day long. I had breakfast. My normal smoothie with spinach, banana, coconut milk, OJ, and peanut butter.  Then I had my first snack at 10am.  I am not a snacker but I have been pretty good about having little food packets with me at all times.  

Lunch was leftover Italian chicken sausage with onions and peppers.  It tastes better than it looks. There was a whole bunch of cheese under that sausage.

I basically can never last from lunch to dinner (even though we eat dinner like we are 80 years old at 6pm)  so around 4pm I make sure I eat something else.  This week has been yogurt and apples.  This Brown Cow maple yogurt is so good. The cream on top makes it extra rich.  Just like dessert.

Dinner was whipped up by Mr. J. Breaded pork cutlets with steamed broccoli and smashed squash.  It was so good and for once in the last week I was full after finishing off the plate. 

What is your favorite go to snack?  What did you eat Wednesday?


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