Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meatopia X and #NYCWFF

Oh my goodness was this past weekend was exhausting. It pretty much takes me one full day to catch up from the week with cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. By the time that is done, I am wiped out. This past weekend I tackled everything on Saturday because we had a special day planned for Sunday.

This year for the New York City Wine and Food festival we decided to switch things up a bit from our usual Grand Tasting event to a more specialized tasting. When we were perusing the options one immediately jumped out at Mr. J. It was Meatopia. As you can imagine it was all things meat.  And they all had to be cooked over open fire. Since Mr. J's birthday is in October we decided this would be his birthday celebration. 

Of course we bought these tickets before I knew I was or was going to be pregnant.  And although I need my iron intake, this meat fill event was a bit much for me.  That being said I had plenty to eat and truly enjoyed myself. 

As I said, this was all things meat. Every where you looked there were animals.  The photo above was from Range @BryanVoltaggio booth.  It was the biggest bone I have ever seen. 

Half of the event was held outside to accommodate all of the open fires. My jacket still smells like campfire. The other portion was in a tent.  The main highlight was the 1,000 pound steer. They carved this right up in front of you.  It was slow cooked for 24 hours and served with Madeira, prunes, mashed potatoes and thyme.

I stuck to more basic dishes like the anchovy buttered ribeye. Mr. J enjoyed a bit more exotic plates like the beef heart below. His favorite was the tripe and yellow-eyed pea stew with blood sausage from Toro NYC @Jamiebiss. 

Another one if his favorites was this pastrami sandwich from the Glen Oak Club.  It was a Dr. Brown's Cream-soda brined smoked short rib pastrami sandwich with homemade rye, vegetable pickles and mustard horseradish. 

The event hosted chefs from all over the world and they were clearly artisans of meat.  The food was fantastic all around. We always enjoyed the Grand Tasting event but if you are looking for some really amazing, unique experiences an event like this is what you need to attend. We are already planning to so another specialized tasting at next year's festival.

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