Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beans and Rice...Rice and Beans

The other week I saw one of those recipe that hit me as "I have to make this."  It was booked marked and saved.  My usual MO is to do this and then months later realize that I haven't given said recipe a second thought.  I broke that trend this week when I made the recipe less than one week after spying it on Roxana's blog or guest post I should say.

I have been on the search for some different side dishes to add to our meals that aren't too spicy or fatty and will last a long, long time. This rice and beans dish is a throw it all into a pot and forget about it recipe. We made the full batch and have been eating it little by little all week.

The recipe takes about 40 minutes to cook but the hands on time is only 2 minutes. I feel like we are going to be making this on a more regular basis on the weekend.  It has been such a lifesaver this week having this ready to heat up for pretty much every meal we have eaten.  Head on over to see Roxana's post for the recipe.  You won't regret it.


  1. Ooh, looks great, and I love the chicken and avocado you paired it with :)

  2. I love rice and beans, especially with chicken too!

  3. i'm a little late leaving a comment.
    I'm glad you liked the rice.
    Thanks for the sweet words Emily!

  4. I love easy side dishes like this!


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