Saturday, February 25, 2012


Happy Weekend!  

Do you have any fabulous plans?  I am excited for two days of nothing and another rendition of Zumba.  I hope I don't blow away because it is windy outside.

Describe yourself in 7 words
Driven, Exacting, Nurturing, Organized, Clean, Productive, Realistic

What Keeps You Up at Night
Everything keeps me up!  It is not myself I am putting to bed it is my mind if I wake up at any point it starts racing with just about anything.

Who Would You Like To Be?
I would love to be happy and content with life. Relaxed.

What Scares You?
Not getting every thing done.

What are the Best and Worst Things about Blogging?
Blogging takes my mind off of everything else going on in the world.  It gives me a reason for cooking too much food and an opportunity to share with others.  However, it is very time consuming. When I am busy with other things I get stressed out when I cannot create decent posts or read others. 

What is the Last Website you Looked At?
My email; I love email and check my accounts non-stop.

If you Could Change Something About Yourself What Would It Be?
I hold on to things for a really long time...I still am peeved about things that happened 5 years ago, even 10 years ago. If I think about it, I can get all worked up all over again.

Slankets, Yes or No?
I have never ever heard of slankets.  It sounds kind of funny so if I had to guess I would say no.  However I love snuggling up in sweat pants and a hoodie under a blanket.

Tell Us Something About the Person Who Tagged You
Stephanie is quite the smarty pants and as such is currently trying to get her Ph.D. in psychology.  Some how she still manages to create delicious dishes and desserts that don't break the scales.  Recently she tackled the task of making a yummy chocolate chip cookie that is low fat!  You can beat that I will be trying that recipe out soon.

Now I’m tagging along and answer one or all of the above questions.


  1. I always love learning more about the bloggers I read...and your post was no different! I agree with you...blogging is wonderful, but is a time-consuming endeavor! Thank you for sharing with me. As I sit down with a bowl of cereal (pretzels in the oven), I'm glad I visited!

  2. I love zumba! At first I hated it, you should check out my post about it, but now It's like my new best friend who makes me lose weight! Very exciting ;)


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