Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Five: Confessions Of A Food Blogger

Today's Friday Five is a bit of a confession.  I have a few tendencies that for some seem a bit odd for a food blogger.  

1. Although I love my kitchen gadgets and probably have my fair share of random tools I resist the specialty pans.  The only one I have is the Madeleine cookie pan.  It took a few years to use but I loved the cookies so much I am not rethinking the whole necessity of a doughnut pan.

2. I don't know about you but sometimes the best meal is frozen pizza.   My favorite is Newman's Own or Kashi.  No it is not the same as homemade but I still enjoy it all the same.

3. Breakfast in general is not something I cook. I am content with cold cereal and smoothies.   I made waffles once last year.  Pancakes never.  It was Pancake week this past week and I had no idea.   

4. Dishes are the last thing I want to do when I am done in the kitchen. I tend to do them as I go along so I am not stuck with a huge pile

5. I although I love grocery shopping I don't like putting them away.  Every weekend I dread the big grocery trip purely because I don't want to unload them when I come home.  Problem is when Mr. J helps things seem to get lost often and I can never find things during the week.

Do you have any of your own confessions?


  1. Love your confessions! I need to put some of Newman's frozen pizza in our freezer for Nick and his buddies! My confession is that I'd often rather eat a bite of cookie dough or cake batter over the finished product!

    1. That is a good one. I have made cookie and brownie dough for the pure purpose of eating it.

  2. I don't like buying a lot of specialty pans either - they just take up precious storage space and don't get used much. But I do have to confess that I bought a heart-shaped donut pan 50% off the day after Valentine's. I used it already and I'm excited to make relatively healthy donuts in it! I just made some that tasted great but are practically healthy.

    I also have to confess that I sometimes have frozen waffles for dinner (I'm a big breakfast lover). And I agree with you - sometimes frozen pizza is the best.

  3. I have kitchen gadget overload...and it always makes for extra dishes in the sink! I hate washing them too and try my hardest to convince my husband to take over work in the kitchen when the cooking is done and dishes remain!

  4. haha I love this post! Kashi frozen pizzas are the best, I used to eat those all of the time in college. And I'm with you on breakfast, the most gourmet I get in the morning is cooking some oatmeal in the microwave :)


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