Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Edition: The Green Stuff They Call Kale

Oh how the weekends go by too fast.  It always seems like I should have one more day to relax.  Mr. J and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday night at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain restaurant.   It was so good.  More on that to come tomorrow.

I also got a gift certificate for a 30 day pass to a local gym to try out 15 of their group classes.  Saturday I checked out Zumba for the first time.  It was so much fun.  I was impressed by the wide range people in the class.  There were young and old, dancers and not.  I will say that the old gentleman that took up next to me was a bit of a distraction (he had tight pants and not much rhythm) as I was trying to follow along but I am glad he was doing it.  I don't have much rhythm either.  I can pick up on the steps pretty quickly but I still feel ridiculous.  It is suppose to be Latin dance and it was for the most part but there was also some Hip Hop.  I learned I am definitely white.  I am so impressed with people who can go out and bust a move on the dance floor.

Sunday I did body pump.  I do not lift weights on a regular basis and my arms are fairly weak.  I was a bit worried I would hurt myself so I did very low weights.  This class was a blast too.  Each song was a different set of muscles. Before I knew it an hour had gone by and my whole body got a weight session.  I have 13 more classes to go and I know I am going to be super sad when it is all said and done.  My predicament with actually buying a pass is the gym is a bit out of the way and I travel so much for work it isn't really worth the investment. 

This is what I was up to this week:

I also played around with kale.  Am I the only one fascinated by the fact that you can start with a bunch like this...

And have it shrink down to a dish like this...

It always amazes me.  

What do you like to use kale for?

Have you ever tried out Zumba?


  1. I absolutely love kale! I love to cook it and then sautee it with garlic, onions, ginger and vinegar :)

  2. I have made kale chips...but haven't expanded much from there because I've gotten so hooked on them!

  3. I haven't tried Zumba - only because I too am a white girl and a little embarrassed about the idea of dancing on front of people! Love pilates though...

  4. I have yet to try Zumba, but I am also extremely white, but it seems like it's a ton of fun and a great workout! I love classes that make the time just fly by. I have to admit it's hard to get me to the gym. I recently cancelled my gym membership because the only nice one was too far from me. For now, I just roll out of bed and go on my exercise bike which is nice, but doesn't offer much variety!

    As for kale, I love it too! I use it in place of spinach a lot like in pasta dishes. I also love kale chips!


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