Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Edition: Super Bowl Sunday

I find all of the excitement over the Super Bowl a bit crazy. I don't remember it being this out of control in the past. I will say though if I were home I would be watching it.  Of all of the teams, I would have to say that the Patriots would be who I would be cheering on.

This weekend went by way too fast.  I got so many errands done on Saturday I felt like Superwoman.  I will never understand why returnables are such a nuisance. I am all for recycling but they take up so much space in our closet. Then when I cannot stand it any longer and take them back I get a whopping $.65.  Really?  I wish there was a larger payback. Or I wish that I could leave them at the end of the drive way once a week and have someone else take care of it.  

Here is what I was up to this week.

These really didn't come out as I had planned but they were still tasty.

Still dreaming of Paris due to this post.

We managed to make the rice and beans last all week. First with chicken, then with flank steak, and finally with shrimp in quesadillas.

Just learned Trader Joe's is selling their own coconut oil.  Must go visit soon.

 I had two out of five on Saturday. Not bad.

Coming up next week...

Now I am off to Chicago. Go Patriots!


  1. Just noticed your reading list. Nice picks. Have fun in Chicago, though - - my favorite city.

  2. Great recipes. :) I agree.. Go Patriots!! :)


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