Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Edition: Daytona 500

This weekend is the Daytona 500.  Do you watch NASCAR?  I don't.  Mr J watches it occasionally and he said he wanted to watch this race.   I know they go really fast around the track.  Apparently I have no clue because I was thinking the average speed is like 100-120 mph.  Nope, more like 200 mph. 

I kind of think it is a silly sport. They drive around in circles (how they don't get dizzy is beyond me), go to the bathroom in their special space suits, and burn all sorts of gas and ruin tires. Not very Eco-friendly to me.  I don't understand.  If you enjoy it though, well good for you. I hope you have a fun afternoon.

In case you missed it this is what I was up to this week:

A trip to Mohegan Sun for a belated Valentine's Day dinner at Bar Americain.

Yummy dessert with coconut cupcakes for two! I realized two cupcakes is not nearly enough.

Pretzel Rolls.  No explanation needed. They are good.

Tried a new, more veggie filled loaf of meat with an adapted All American Meatloaf.

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  1. Oh, yes...I had to check out the coconut cupcakes...perfect!!!! And hope you don't have to listen to too much race talk today :)

    1. It ended up getting a rain delay so it was back to the golf channel. I don't know if that is much better.

  2. You had a great week. I for one despise nascar. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Now if they put obstacles in the way and made it more like wipeout but safely with bumper cars maybe I'd watch. But that's a big old maybe. I do not like any sports with violence or the possibility where someone might blow up their car.

    1. I nearly fell over laughing at the thought of a NASCAR and wipeout type competition. Now that I might be tempted to watch for a while.


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