Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Be An American Housewife and WIAW

The book this week is How to Be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway. The book is a novel about mothers and daughters, and the pull of tradition. It tells the story of Shoko, a Japanese woman who married an American GI, and her grown daughter, Sue, a divorced mother whose life as an American housewife hasn't been what she'd expected. 

When illness prevents Shoko from traveling to Japan, she asks Sue to go in her place. The trip reveals family secrets that change their lives in dramatic and unforeseen ways. Offering an entertaining glimpse into American and Japanese family lives and their potent aspiration.

I learned from this book that you never know where life is going to take you.

I didn't do so hot again on the Green challenge. In fact I was in Ithaca again for the day and then drove home. I could have almost used all of last weeks pictures because my day was EXACTLY the same. 

I started the day out right with a Green Machine smoothie for breakfast. I snagged this the night before at Wegman's to have in the hotel room.

We went to the Ithaca Bakery for lunch. I was really looking forward to soup and salad along with some yummy bread but it was not meant to be.  None of the four soup options gave me any inspiration for lunch.  I opted instead for "The Parisian" sandwich.  Roasted turkey, 5 fruit chutney, brie, spinach.  It was great.  Plus three slivers of pickles - I guess that is a bit of green for you.

I snacked on an M&M cookie and a latte on the car ride home.   The missing portion of the cookie is what I ate.  Picture taking and driving do not mix.  These cookies are so good, just the right texture, thickness, and sweetness. 

I don't know if it is just me driving more long distances but the more I take car rides the more accidents I see.  This trip was a car flipped over on I-84. The stretch around Danbury is awful and when I used to drive around here more often there always seemed to be something wrong. This actually made the highway shut down for a while. The good news is there was a Trader Joe's nearby and I was able to get off for a much need bathroom break and some groceries while they picked up the mess.

Dinner was a take out steak with salad, baked potato, veggies. The poor veggies in the back should have been a bit more green. I hate when restaurants over cook and butter the veggies.  It was really good and just what I needed to keep me going for a little pick up around the apartment before bed. 

That is what I ate, maybe some week soon I will have a more normal at home day of eating to post.


  1. The book does sound like a good read, I used to live in Japan many years ago and do remember that there were a lot of cultural differences to get used to.
    Your meals on Wednesday were not all that bad, however, I am surprised that they were exactly the same as yesterday! Hopefully you will get back into the green and your kitchen soon.

  2. Mmmm the cookie looks yummy! The picture totally has me craving one now!

  3. Looks like a delicious day and a delicious read! Blog is looking FAB!

  4. The book sounds like such an interesting read - I will definitely check it out with a batch of cookies by my side while I read ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. I love the Naked juices, but I can't get myself to love their green machine! I keep trying it, hoping will eventually change my mind!


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