Saturday, March 24, 2012

Philadelphia and Bistrot La Minette

Last week I was in the midst of St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Philadelphia. It was a gorgeous weekend.  Everyone was out and about ready for a good time.  I certainly was ready for a good time and excited to be seeing to good friends from college.

We couldn't not get a cheese steak sandwich in Philly so we hiked down past South Street to get one of the originals. We ended up at Pat's.  Geno's is a bit to flashy for our tastes.  It was massive and delicious.  We were happy we walked because the sandwiches set a little heavy and we had big dinner plans.

Although it was St. Patrick's Day our dinner plans were for a French meal at Bistrot La Minette.

My appetizer is probably one of the best things I have had to eat in a really long time. The cream sauce just dissolved in my mouth.  The egg and mussels add an extra dimension of richness, and depth.  It was huge and left me stuff.  It was well worth it.

Œuf du Pêcheur Fisherman’s-style poached egg, mussels, tarragon cream sauce

Our entrees came but it was too late.  All of us ladies were completely full.  We couldn't even bring ourselves to get one of the many amazing sounding desserts.  We did find room for the little chocolate truffles that came with the bill though.

Lapin Rôti à la Moutarde Dijon mustard-braised rabbit, house-made taglietelle

Cassoulet Toulousain Lamb and tomato stew, duck confit, lardons, garlic sausage, Tarbais beans, duck fat bread crumbs

Poulet à la Catalan White wine-braised chicken, slab bacon, thyme, Meyer lemon, roasted fingerling potatoes

It was St. Patrick's Day though and we headed across town to have some drinks.  It is amazing what a 20 minute walk can do for appetite.  I should have taken pictures of the bar because it was one of the coolest places I have ever been and had the most unique drinks ever.  EVER.  Check out The Franklin Bar.

 A few hours later back at the hotel we were so happy we had gotten our barely touched entrees to go.  We happily enjoyed our dinners (a few hours late) that were absolutely amazing.

Bistrot La Minette  /  623 S. 6th Street  /  Philadelphia   /   215.925.8000


  1. There are so many delicious pictures here - you obviously had a wonderful celebrating time :D
    Nice one!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Philly is one of m favorite escape from NYC spots. I have added your post to my Philly Phood Pholder in my bookmarks. This looks so good.. A taste of France.

  3. Oh, YUM! That looks delicious!

  4. Looks like you ate very well! Good for you :)


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