Friday, March 16, 2012

Slow Cooker Corned Beef And Cabbage

St. Patrick's Day usually passes me by with not much notice besides someone pointing out that I am not wearing any green.  It is just not a holiday that moves me in any way.  This year however, I planned to go to Philadelphia for a girl's weekend.  We had no idea when we picked the date it was St. Patrick's Day however eventually it dawned on us and I now had advanced notice of the holiday.

Trying to come up with a new, easy dinner for Mr. J it came to mind that I could make corned beef and cabbage.  Beef = Good in Mr. J's mind so I knew it would be a winner.  He loves New England boiled dinner. Not being a New Englander native, I didn't grow up with this  meal but as far as I can tell Corned Beef and Cabbage is the boiled dinner with beef instead of ham.

So here you go...a dinner where you throw it all in and 8 hours later you have a meal.  Mr. J loved it for a change. I thought it was way too salty but I don't ever use salt so I don't think I am the best person to judge.  If you use a full head of cabbage (mine was a bit larger than medium size but the smallest I could find in the store) you will have lots and lots of leftovers.

Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

by Suki Hertz
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 8 hours

Ingredients (serves 4)
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 medium onion, cut in 4 wedges
  • 4 to 6 red potatoes, quartered
  • 1 4-pound corned beef brisket
  • 12-ounce bottle stout or dark ale
  • 1 tablespoon corned beef spices or pickling spices (or spices that come with the brisket)
  • 1 medium head cabbage, cut into 6 wedges
Place carrots, onion and potatoes in the bottom of a large slow-cooker or crock pot. Rinse the corned beef brisket and place over vegetables. Add the bottle of stout, spices and enough water to just cover the meat. Cover and cook on LOW for eight to nine hours.

Remove the meat and vegetables from the pot and cover with foil to keep warm. Increase heat to high and cook cabbage until softened but still crispy, 20 to 30 minutes.

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Note: Pickling spices are a spice blend used in mixtures to pickle various foods, as well as to season certain dishes. The blend can differ greatly according to the manufacturer, and the ingredients (usually in coarse pieces) can include allspice, bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, ginger, mustard seeds and peppercorns. Prepackaged pickling spice mixes are sold in most supermarkets.


  1. nice dish...perfect for winter

  2. Ok, I have never had corned beef and cabbage... ! But I'm also not Irish? I feel like its something I need to try though! And I love that you can do it in the slow cooker, nice and easy :) Have great St. Patty's Day in Philadelphia!!

  3. I love slow cooker dishes, they are so convenient. Gotto try this. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Slow cooker is one of the best ways to cook - you certainly know your way around the slow cooker kitchen - looks awesome :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Hope you have a good weekend with the girls! I knew St. Paddy's Day was on its way, but somehow I still completely forgot to buy a corned beef. I must go to the store first thing in the morning! I love cooking the meat in the slow cooker, but I always leave out the spices. Your dish looks great!

  6. I don't usually care about St. Patrick's not being Irish. But, I definitely was down for having some corned beef yesterday! Yours looks great!

  7. I'm all for slow cooker dishes. This is perfect for St Patty's


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