Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To Love An American Man and WIAW

Today I have another book review for you.  This is an endearing and unforgettable memoir of love, self-discovery, and enduring, old-fashioned value.  Just my type of book.

Kristine Gasbarre made a New York career of dating driven, inaccessible men. When she realizes her love life will never result in happiness if she continues on the same path, she makes a big decision—relocating to Italy to discover her roots and find out what defines her adoring grandpa. But upon receiving the news of his sudden passing, she is lured away. 

With nowhere left to go, Krissy returns to her small hometown for the first time in a decade to help care for her grandmother—a refined, private matriarch suffering from early dementia along with the loss of her husband. In her reluctant agreement to share the nearly lost love stories and transformative lessons from her rich sixty-year marriage, Krissy’s grandma becomes the one offering comfort as she coaches her granddaughter through the fear of loving. Grandma’s unapologetic femininity and secret giving spirit opens Krissy’s eyes about relationships, teaching her the single most important requisite for loving a man: first a woman has to learn the power of her own inner beauty.

Each chapter is set up as lessons of love and how to love. I read this in Florida and literally flew through it.


I am getting sick. Don't you hate it when you know its coming.  For me, sneezing and a drippy nose is the tall tale sign of a cold coming on.  I don't want to get sick. I have a big weekend coming up so sickness is not in my future.  Get thing it is veggie month because I really did up the veggies.  I had 1/2 a green machine Naked juice to replace my smoothie. I also had some oatmeal/raisin bran mix with 1 Tbsp of peanut butter and a sliced banana.  Add some water and lemon tea.


Lunch was at my favorite stop in Ithaca, the Ithaca Bakery. I had a pre-made chef's salad (go greens) and some tomato soup.  You cannot go to the Bakery without a bit of bread.  Their hunks are actually quite big but so delicious and well worth every bite. It was a big lunch but it had to keep me going for the 6 hour car ride back to Connecticut.

Dinner was Chinese takeout.  A little spicy Kung Pao Chicken helped clear out my nose.  I also had some Miso soup.  Tomorrow I fly off to Michigan.  Can I just say I am loving the weather.  The toll booth man asked if I was warm in my sweater today.  I had to laugh.


  1. I read that book recently and loved it.

  2. The book does sound like a great read, it has been awhile since I found one I cannot put down-so I may pick it up soon.
    I hope you are feeling better and I am glad to see that you are eating right to fend it off! On the road, in the plane-you are traveling quite a bit these days. Getting there is not near as fun as being there though, so enjoy your time in Michigan!

  3. Mmm I want some of that bread! Sorry you're getting sick :( Hopefully it comes and goes quickly!

  4. That book sounds great; I'm going to add it to my library list now. [And your food looks good, too. ;)]

  5. I love titles of books that people fly through! Adding this one to my library list as well :) Thank you!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful book - thanks for the review - I hadn't heard of it :)
    Mary x

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  8. the books sounds interesting, to bad you getting sick, I hope you will be fine soon, when I got cold or flu orange and chicken soup are the best light dishes that maybe will comfort your body too :)



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