Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Artist Point - Disney's Wilderness Lodge

One of the things Mr. J and I love must about vacations are new restaurants and delicious food. We always have at least one planned out special meal in addition to all of the other random finds along the way. 

On our latest trip to Disney we went to Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge. Although we had never been before we had heard many good things about this restaurant. I had not been to the Wilderness Lodge before and was eager to explore.  Just like everywhere else in Disney this time of year, the lodge was decorated top notch for the holidays. 

We started off the meal with some cocktails in the bar. I went plain Jane with a Malbec but Mr. J got a fancy cocktail. I actually forget what he ordered but it wasn't the typical pink drink when it came out.  Mr. J is notorious for his pink cocktails.  He really enjoyed the arrow that came with his drink.

Dinner started with some delicious, warm Sourdough bread. I had about three pieces and had to make myself stop so I would have room for dinner. It was so good I could have easily had the whole loaf and been satisfied.

The feel of the restaurant was very woodsy, rustic, and just like a big, fancy log cabin in the woods.  The back wall had huge windows that looked out into woods and then a lake. You would have never guessed we were in Disney or that the Magic Kingdom was just beyond the trees.

We shared a mixed green salad with fig and pears.  Disney makes it somewhat difficult to get your veggies in so salad is a must whenever we can. The dressing on this was light but flavorful. The whole salad was delicious.

I got seared scallops with risotto for my main course. There was four huge scallops bedded on the risotto with sauteed kale and red peppers in between.  I was pretty full after this but more so from the bread than the dish. Although I know I would have been satisfied with just the scallops.

After much debate Mr. J ended up with the seafood stew.  A combination of seafood and shell fish in a spicy broth. This was served with more sourdough. It was perfect for soaking up the broth. 

We were too full for dessert. In the pass I would try to squeeze some in but have learned my lesson many a times that waking up to a full belly the next day is not the best way to start a day in the Disney parks.  

We had a nice relaxing evening at Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge.  They don't rush you at all.  This was a perfect way to recuperate from the crazy crowds of Disney.


  1. Scallops are some of my favorite foods, so your main dish looks amazing to me. YUM! Looks like a fab meal at a neat restaurant!

  2. What fun! I don't know anyone that travels as much as you.... you really are enjoying it all. Good for you. :)


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